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Three Different Hights to Choose from!

600' - Our standard ride for the last 8 years

900' - The training wheels are OFF!

1200'-NEW! The highest ride EVER offered in New England! This ride comes with a FREE t-shirt telling the world that you are in the 1200' club!!

900' and 1200' rides comand permium pricing


Ride prices are PER PERSON. So if two or three people go up at the sometime each person pays the same price.  A 2 person ride is longer than a single ride and a 3 person ride is longer than a 2 person ride.  All of our rides are 100% gauranteed so if you disagree that your ride was not worth the price than it's on me.

Please understand.... The cost of the equipment to offer SAFE rides over 600' is enormous.  We are the only company in New England that has this equipment.  Our prices reflect a commitment to safety that is unmatched. Ten years of offering the highest rides in NE and not a single safety incident.  Your loved ones are worth the few extra dollars to parasail with us.




Makes New Yorkers cheer for the Red Sox

There is no price difference for the different "Style" of ride but there is a price difference for the different height rides

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