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You say you have an "inspected" parasail boat in your advertising.  What's that mean?

Inspected boats have special certificates from the coast guard.  The USCG inspects the boat every year for safety.  They have us practice safety drills as well.  They also make sure we have a multitude of special licenses and certificates all to ensure passenger safety.  Every other parasail boat on Cape Cod is an "Uninspected" boat, meaning The USCG does not check them for safety annually and they don't have to carry the special (and costly) safety equipment that we do.

Do you take off or land from the water?

No, you take off and land directly from on board the boat! An optional "Toe dip" is available if you like at the end of the ride. It's all up to you!

Do I need to have any experience to parasail?
Absolutely not! You don't need any experience to fly. If you can sit, you can parasail!

Is parasailing safe?
Yes, your captain has performed thousands of rides and has never had a single incident. He is very proud of his safety record and maintains the highest standards of safety to ensure it stays in tact.

How old do I have to be?
There are no age restrictions for parasailing

Who is youngest and oldest person to parasail?
Although we generally recommend that the flier be at least 6 years old. Depending on health, fliers as old as 100 years "young" have flown.

Do I need to bring anything with me to parasail?
Just good attitude and a sense of adventure!

How should I dress to parasail?
Casually, although you may wear anything you like, we recommend bathing suits and shorts and tee shirts.

Can two or three people go at the same time?
Yes you can! Some restrictions apply. Since every day conditions are different, and wind conditions determine maximum payload, each day there will be a maximum tandem weight. If the two or three participants exceed the maximum payload for that day, they will have to fly separate in such a way so that the weight combination is safe.  Please call for more details.

Do I need to know how to swim?
Absolutely not! In the rare situation that you do get wet, you'll be outfitted in a life jacket. There are also TWO former Red Cross certified life guards on board at all times.

How long are the rides?
The whole adventure takes about an hour, each person (12max. according to Coast Guard Regulation) takes a turn flying.

Can I just go along and watch?
Yes you may, the cost is a $35.00 Rider fee, and this is available on a space available basis only.

Are reservations recommended?
Reservations are highly recommend. Boats fill up quickly during the summer season. All you need to make a reservation is a major credit card.  Usually, 24 hours ahead or the morning of your ride is a good time to make a reservation.  Tuesday - Friday are our busiest days and 10A-3P are the busiest times.  If you'd prefer those days and times then you may want to make a reservation 48 hours prior, especially for groups of 3 or more.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations may be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight or Jet Ski rental.  If you cancel within 24hours, do not pick up your reservation on time or do not pick up your reservation at all, Dennis Parasail reserves the right to charge the credit card you held your reservation with for the full amount of the ride or rental.  Coupons or special offers will not be considered.

Can I bring a camera or video equipment?
Yes you may, but keep in mind, the ride can be quite WET at times! Bring these items at your own risk or purchase one of our PHOTO PACKAGES. These are 30+Digital pictures and video clips of you flying or you may split them up within your group. The pictures in our photo gallery are actual participants who purchased photo packs! You keep the 1G SD card. You are welcome to add your photos to our photo gallery too! Price for these photos packs is $45.

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