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Jet Skis!

Dennis Parasail is the ONLY place you can rent jet skis on Cape Cod Bay! Why is Cape Cod Bay better than Nantucket Sound for jet skiing? Cape Cod Bay offers protected water so it's a lot calmer. When you rent a jet ski from us you spend your time driving fast like a pro, not holding on for dear life! All of our jet ski's are new 110 horsepower 4 stroke, 3 person ski's. If you haven't ridden a jet ski in years you probably haven't ridden a 4 stroke machine. These are quiet, reliable, fast and very stable.  They are nothing like the old machines.

With Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski you can rent jet ski's for one hour at a time.

We don't offer full or half day rentals.

Some tips for a fun ride.....

  1. These are three person ski's but 3 full size adults will make the machine top heavy and more likely to tip over.  Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski rents 3 person machines so that both parents can take a child out and have enough room for all, not for 3 adults to use.  For your safety and enjoyment their is a 400lb wieght limit for rentals.
  2. Climbing back on the ski after you fall off is a lot harder than you think.  VERY FEW people fall off if they try not to.
  3. Stay away from seaweed floating on the surface.  It clogs up the intake and slows the jet ski down.  If all of a sudden the jet ski is not going fast and there are no other obvious signs as to why, this is probably the problem.  FYI, there is much less seaweed in Cape Cod Bay (where Dennis Parasail is) than in Nantucket Sound (where every other jet ski rental company is).
  4. Stay far away from other jet ski's and boats!

Jet ski's are $125 per hour plus $10 if there are passengers.  The machine that you will rent will be the very best, between 2-11 months old.  In fact, we do not operate any jet skis older than 12 months.

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