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Our Qualifications:

Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski operates the ONLY U.S. Coast Guard Inspected Parasail boat in New England. But that's not all....

  • Your Captain is a Coast Guard licensed professional mariner with years of experience on the waters around Cape Cod.
  • The operator and boat crew are former Cape Area Red Cross lifeguards.


At Dennis Parasail we take your safety seriously. We operate the only parasail vessel in New England that has a C.O.I. certificate, & we employ extremely qualified crew to drive it. Like you, we don’t put a price on your family’s safety. We are proud to offer the safest parasail experience in New England & have proof to back up the claim.

U.S. Coast Guard Inspected Parasail Boats

Dennis Parasail has Certificates of Inspection (C.O.I.) from the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard issues a Certificate of Inspection when a boat & its operators pass a rigorous, yearly inspection performed by the USCG. This includes:

  • All of the vessels safety systems are tested to ensure they are in perfect working order.
  • A checklist is utilized to make certain the proper safety equipment is on board.
  • The USCG creates mock emergencies to test the crew on their abilty to handle various emergencies.

Once we’ve demonstrated to the USCG that the vessel, safety equipment & crew can handle emergencies a C.O.I. certificate is issued and is valid for 1 year.

Part of the required safety equipment is an Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon. When this device is activated either manually or automatically in an emergency it sends a signal to the USCG with our exact location in the ocean. A USCG vessel or helicopter is instantly dispatched to your location to help.


Our prices are competitive, but may not be the least expensive parasail ride on Cape Cod. When making your decision on where to parasail, please consider the steps we’ve taken to guarantee your parasail ride is memorable for all the right reasons. Knowing this, could you really take your family to a “discount parasail” operator?

It is a Federal Law that if a vessel has a C.O.I., than an original copy must be on board the vessel at all times. You only have to remember two questions when choosing a place to parasail “does the boat we’re taking have a C.O.I.?” And “Can I see it?”

Remember this – If the parasail company does not have a C.O.I. then you’re leaving your safety up to the best judgment of the person driving, not the judgment of the United States Coast Guard. And there is no one better at keeping us safe on the water than the US Coast Guard.

What is PAPO?

PAPO stands for Professional Association of Parasail Operators. It is an attempt by the parasail industry to regulate itself. While Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski applauds the attempt, we feel as though this fledgling organization has a long way to go. It’s too easy to become PAPO certified, as the standards are far below what we feel are acceptable. Many operators join to enjoy a discount from industry related equipment manufacturers. PAPO is a great beginning, but for now Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski will follow USCG guidelines & comply with their standards for safety.  As of 2013 PAPO is now a defunct organization. Seriously, google it. 

Dennis Parasail is not affiliated with any other parasail operation on Cape Cod.

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